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What your baby is telling you

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Babies don’t have wants. They only have needs. When you respond to your baby, you are not spoiling her. You are giving her what she needs to grow and be well.
Your baby can’t talk yet, but she has ways to let you know what she needs. These are called “cues.”

Pay attention to your baby. You’ll soon begin to understand her cues and see what she’s telling you.

Your baby is telling you, “I’m hungry,” by:
• Holding hands or fists over her chest
• Sucking on her fingers or fist
• Turning toward your body with her mouth open
• Smacking her lips
• Sticking out her tongue
• Making sucking sounds
• Crying
Your baby is telling you, “I’m full,” by:
• Turning away
• Closing her mouth
• Falling asleep
• Relaxing her hands and arms

Your baby is telling you “I’m tired,” or
“I need a break,” by:
• Looking away
• Fussing
• Crying
• Hiccupping
• Making faces—wrinkling her forehead, frowning
• Opening and closing her eyes
• Arching her back
• Squirming
• Kicking
• Pulling away
Your baby is telling you “I want you,”
“I’m lonely,”or “Play with me,” by:
• Turning toward you
• Looking at your face with bright, wide eyes
• Reaching for you
• Making soft sounds
• Raising her head
• Smiling
Your baby is telling you, “I’m sleepy,” by:
• Becoming calmer, quieter and less active
• Slowly opening and closing her eyes
• Yawning
• Sucking more and more slowly

What your baby is telling you

Your baby wants you

Let me know you love me! Your smiling face, soft voice, and gentle touch all tell me you love me.

I thought all babies were the same. But my baby is NOTHING like my sister’s. Her baby is quiet and cuddly. Mine is noisy and pulls away when I try to cuddle. Is something wrong with my baby?

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